Digital marketing isn’t just a trend but a necessity for every business. In today’s competitive marketplace, local business growth depends on effective digital marketing activities. Whether you have developed a digital marketing strategy or not, working with a digital marketing agency is inevitable. It’s a sure way to start digital marketing activities for your local business on the right track.

Digital marketing is a huge collection of activities, but we will look into the most important of them.

Let’s get started!

●       Content marketing backed by a comprehensive content calendar

To help you determine its importance, here’s a fact; local Los Angeles businesses having a comprehensive content calendar are 60% more successful than others and around 88% of B2B companies use content marketing.

Content marketing is a collection of effective content creation activities that includes wiring high-quality and engaging articles, blog posts, guest posts, social media posts, and creating infographics. The core purpose of every type of content is to present an effective solution to a particular problem your target audience is facing.

●       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No matter how appealing your website looks and how great your content/services/products are, you can’t expect business growth without proper visibility on search engines. SEO is a crucial part of digital marketing activities, and it’s one of the foremost activities you need to perform on your website.

Here’s a rundown on SEO activities you need at the minimum:

  • Change your web design to mobile-optimized web design (if not already)
  • Find your target keywords (start with low-hanging fruits)
  • Secure backlinks to your web pages
  • Develop a content strategy and write engaging SEO content
  • Improve your internal and external links profile
  • Boost up your SEO with the help of a digital marketing agency

SEO is a specialized skill, and it requires someone with experience and comprehensive technical knowledge of search engine ranking algorithms. To improve your site’s visibility and rank on search engines, look for a professional digital marketing agency near me that offers specialized SEO services.

●       SEO audit

An appealing, responsive, and feature-rich website drives any online business. When it’s in the right condition, everything falls within the line, but there are common pitfalls that businesses encounter repeatedly. To ensure that your website is perfectly in line with the search engine recommendations, an SEO audit is a must-thing. It points out the potential drawbacks that cause your website to lose potential prospects.

Whether your SEO strategy is perfect or not, you must perform a professional SEO audit of your website. Remember that SEO audit is a complex task and requires professional attention, so consider professional digital marketing services.

●       Search Engine Marketing

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to acquiring organic reach, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the process of acquiring inorganic reach. In this method, a paid advertising strategy (PPC) is used to drive traffic to your website. A professional digital marketing agency design, run and manage effective SEM campaigns to help your local business grow quickly.

●       PPC marketing

Local businesses adopting PPC ads experienced an 80% increase in brand awareness. Very much similar to what SEM  offers, Pay-per-click or PPC for short, it’s the process of getting paid visitors to your site. PPC marketing is an integral part of every digital marketing strategy. It’s only offered on search engines but on social media platforms too.

Do you operate a local business in California? If so, then work with a digital marketing agency California to design, manage, and target the ideal audience in California through PPC campaigns.

●       Podcasting

Over the years, podcasting has evolved as a great way to communicate with your audience. The biggest reason why audiences are more inclined towards podcasts is because of its ease-to-consume. The audience doesn’t necessarily need to pause all other activities to listen to a podcast. They can listen to a podcast whenever they want and wherever they want as long as they have an electronic device with an internet connection. Businesses these days are benefitting from this trend and leveraging its potential to communicate with their audience effectively.

●       Influencer marketing

Today, influencer marketing is a popular digital marketing activity with promising results. Social media influencers work as a great lead generation tool. Collaborating with an influencer can help you target a huge audience that shares your ideal audience’s characteristics.

For your business in California, working with a digital marketing agency California can help your partner up with an influencer that shares the same values and philosophy as your brand.

Final words

The digital marketing space isn’t static but constantly changing & growing. However, the above digital marketing activities are currently trending.

For the growth of your online business, digital marketing is a crucial tool. If you want to expand your local business in California, then a professional digital marketing agency California should be your go-to place.