Are you running a local business and seeking growth in your reputation as one of the best local businesses in your locality? Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives answers to all your questions and opens up potential growth opportunities.

Local SEO is just as important as any other digital marketing activity. Many startups or local businesses fail to adhere to local SEO practices that result in losing potential growth opportunities.

Here are some of the top strategies that can help any business improve its local SEO.

Get a mobile-optimized website design

Around 60% of searches on Google are done via mobile devices. It indicates the need to work on improving your site’s user experience for mobile users. One-third of these 60% searches are related to a location, which suggests a significant portion of consumers performs local searches.

Being a local business, you wouldn’t want your prospects to land on your website and encounter a poor user experience. To turn these prospects into consumers, give them the perfect user experience through mobile-optimized website design.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing never gets old. It remains one of the most important & proven digital marketing activities.

You may think of it as “keywords stuffing” work, but content marketing goes beyond placing keywords in the content. A comprehensive content marketing strategy, including your target keywords, content calendar, and appealing infographics, can improve your local SEO.

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Voice Search

The rise of smart assistant technologies has increased the popularity of voice search as well.  According to Google, 27% of all searches are voice-based.

If you want to improve your local SEO, optimizing your website for voice search is crucial. Some of the ways to do this involve:

  • Ranking your website for Google Featured Snippet
  • Targeting keywords that include key phrases like “near me.”
  • Writing short and concise content, specifically for voice searches

Optimizing for voice search isn’t a trend but a necessity. If your local business isn’t working on it, start now by partnering with a professional digital marketing agency Los Angeles and targeting local keywords.

Target Local

Around 73% of all online activity involves local searches, with 82% of mobile searches involving “near me” keywords. These stats certainty calls for local keywords targeting. If you want to improve your local searches, targeting location-specific keywords like “best services + near me” is critical to your success.

When a user makes such a search, Google doesn’t provide results according to its choice. Rather, these search results appear based on how well certain websites target local keywords.

Social Media Marketing

Social media doesn’t count as a ranking factor; its importance in improving your local SEO is huge. Every digital marketing agency emphasizes the importance of social media marketing solely because of its potential advantages.

With its laser-targeted Pay Per Click ads (PPC), you can attract and convert potential buyers in no time. Most of the time, consumers are searching for businesses or products near them on social media. Having a strong presence on social media works as a lead magnet.

Off-page SEO

Off-page is part of strategies that improve your local SEO, but businesses neglect it. Off-page SEO comprises two things; internal linking & external linking (backlinks). The stronger the network of backlinks, the better the visibility & ranking on search engine result pages. To strengthen your off-page SEO:

  • Write high-quality guest posts on high-authority websites
  • Add high DA backlinks to your website
  • Work on overall link building

Working with a digital marketing agency specializing in local SEO can improve your site’s link profile and help you achieve the results you seek.

The Efficient Way

It’s tempting to take on this job of improving your local SEO yourself, and you might earn some success. But, doing it yourself is the longest route with minimum chances of sustainable growth, unless you’re an SEO expert. It takes weekly optimization of your website content, and if done right you’ll see results within 3-6 months. Done haphazardly, and it will take many months to fix and start all over from scratch.

The ideal solution to your local SEO problems lies in partnering with a professional digital marketing agency. The biggest result that any digital marketing agency can bring for your local business is to help you present the right service/product to the right prospect at the right time.

Digital marketing agency services are comprehensive in all aspects, meaning they can avoid those typical pitfalls that you’re prone to fall into. Besides, you save a lot of time and get your desired results efficiently.

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