Do you want to know the best email marketing strategies for startups? Are you wondering what email marketing strategies you can use to grow your startup business significantly? You came to the right place!

The competition for attention and acquiring more customers is intense. So, you need to adopt different marketing tactics, including email marketing, to help you beat the competition. For this, we will explore the top email marketing best practices you can start using today to maximize your return on investments (ROIs).

But you may wonder, why should you care about email marketing? Is email marketing still relevant to your business? Let us first address that.

Importance of Email Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Incorporating an email marketing strategy into your marketing mix is vital because it provides optimal ROI. Also, emails in your digital marketing toolbox will help you reach a broader target audience who is ready to buy your offer. As a result, you will drive more web traffic, boosts sales, and increases your income.

Did you know? Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies that generate positive results. So, it is no wonder why more than 80% of small businesses depend strongly on emails for customer acquisition.

Also, 80% of survey respondents rely solely on emails for customer retention. So, if you want a direct positive impact as a startup, email marketing should be a part of your digital marketing toolbox.

Benefits of Integrating Email Marketing Strategy into Your Startup Business

While examining the importance and statistics of email marketing strategy, consider these benefits. A targeted email list lets you regulate what content your readers will see and read, and help you take your business to the next height.

Here are a few benefits of a well-planned email campaign:

  • Provides better brand recognition
  • Build your online business reputation
  • Develop long-term brand/customer relationships
  • Reach a broader target market through mobile marketing
  • Drive more web traffic
  • Increase conversions
  • Boost sales and revenue

Emails will always be one of the best ways to reach customers and potential buyers. It helps you nurture prospects to quality leads. Thus, there are more benefits to using emails in your marketing strategy for your business. But the few highlighted in this section will keep you motivated.

The 6 Email Marketing Strategies That are Proven to Grow Your Startup

In this article, you will learn practical email marketing tips you can start using today to maximize the return on investments (ROIs) of your startup.

1. Grow Your Email List

An email list is a library of email addresses collected overtime through your blog or website, and other marketing channels. These email addresses represent people who willingly subscribed to your mailing list to receive promotional emails, newsletters, and other related marketing messages.

So, to make gains with email marketing, you need to grow your list or email subscribers. You need to expand your list to enable you to build trust with a massive audience and make money off it.

That said, use the best email marketing tools to grow your email list quickly. Some of the best emails software are:

  • ConvertKit
  • ThriveLeads
  • Mailerlite
  • MailChimp
  • OptinMonster

Use your preferred email software to create a landing page that will help you grow your list organically.

2. Create Click-Worthy Content

Email marketing without compelling content won’t get you anywhere. People only subscribed to your list to receive value from you, of which helpful content is the target. It helps increase email opens.

Every subscriber is looking for a solution to a problem, so be the solution by providing useful content via emails. When you give your subscribers what they need to make their lives better, you become their go-to for information.

As a result, they will always open your emails and click your links to read your blog content. That is why you should consistently create click-worthy content. In this way, you will be able to nurture prospects to qualify as leads.

By walking them through the sales funnel, you move them to become paying customers. Note, producing click-worthy content materials will help you to build trust with your tribe. So, ensure that both your email preheader, subject lines, and introduction are compelling enough to make recipients click.

For this, your email header, subject line, and introduction should comply with the dos and don’ts of a controversial article. This approach will help you trigger consumers’ curiosity and entice them to click.

3. Use Emojis and Videos in Your Emails

Emojis and videos are among the best digital marketing elements for increased engagement and traffic. So, if you can, add irresistible videos and relevant emojis in your email subject lines. Why? These marketing assets will make your emails more compelling and interactive.

Consider the following email marketing statistics:

And since only 7% of marketing emails have emojis in their subject lines, you have a higher chance of improving open emails, click-through rates, and sales.