Which is Right for Your Business?


Ever thought how certain digital marketing tactics impact your business? And how you can use them together for maximum results?

SEO is all about ranking on the first page of Google with organic results. Organic search refers to the search results of a search engine that cannot be influenced by paid advertising. Organic search results are ranked according to their relevance to the search term.

Run any search on Google and the organic listings are those that come after any paid ads or shopping results.

SEO as a Growth Strategy

To succeed at ranking on Google search pages from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is important to understand how to properly optimize your website. You need to ensure that the search engines are able to crawl your site, understand your content, index it, and show that your site is a significant authority.

With hundreds of ranking factors used by Google’s Algorithm, it takes a knowledgeable marketing expert (or, more realistically, a marketing team) to understand how to win.

The Pros of SEO

Organic clicks are free, and won’t cost you a cent. Of course, it takes investment in time and resources. Usually, anywhere from 3 to 6 months to rank locally on the first page, if you know what you’re doing. Get SEO right and it’s free traffic.

PPC as a Growth Strategy


The Pros of PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC), or ads, allows you to see almost instant results. Almost immediately after your PPC campaign goes live on Google, you’ll start to see traffic, clicks, and conversions; as long as your bidding strategy is on point.

Besides click costs, you’ll need to consider management costs. You’ll need to pay for an agency, a freelancer, or employee to manage your campaigns. Handing over your PPC to an inexperienced employee will not only cost you money, but lost time in which you could have been receiving leads and/or sales.

SEO vs PPC – Which is Right for Your Business?

The essence is that for most businesses, it’s almost impossible to choose between SEO and PPC, because the two integrate well to drive search success. It’s not always simply SEO vs. PPC; each can complement the other when properly utilized. And when your budget allows you to use both, you absolutely should, even if only as a way to balance short-term and longer-term returns.

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